Should You Learn Guitar Chords In Each Key?

When first starting to learn guitar chords, one of the most difficult tasks to master is to get your fingers to do what you want them to do. Independence does not come easily. This is why most beginning guitar players focus on and learn the most commonly used guitar chords and scales and proceed to use those handful of chords for the rest of their life.

Most guitarists do not experiment with different areas of the guitar or try adding or subtracting a note or two to the original chord so as to give some hint of originality or a personal style, that is why a lot of guitar music around today is so uninspiring and un-original.

Once guitar players get a few licks and tricks under their belt they become lazy. When you consider the combinations that are available from just one chord in one position on the neck, it is absolutely mind boggling, let alone the hundreds of other positions and variations available. Just by experimenting with one chord shape at a different starting place on the fretboard can take your mind and fingers to uncharted areas you could not have conceived of before.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider breaking out of old patterns and learning guitar chords in a new key.

1. Inspiration can come immediately from taking one of your most prized over used chords and moving it over one fret to a new key. You probably will have to re-arrange your fingers to accommodate the new shape, but persevere with it, this new chord is no harder than any chord you have learnt so far. Now try moving all of the chords to this new key. Now you have just doubled your fretboard knowledge.

2. Play through those chords and just listen to the sound those new ‘shapes

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